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Comments from Recent Participants

"Words don’t seem adequate enough to capture all the amazing things that we learned and witnessed. Dr. Rogers and Lori taught us to read bear behavior and how humans can behave respectfully with bears. Our reward was being able to get close to bears and witness first-hand how gentle they are. This is a one of a kind bear experience, that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world. With this being said, my friend and I have been to six (6) Black Bear Study courses, in Ely, MN over the years. Thank you, Dr. Lynn Rogers and all of your staff members, volunteers and feeding station participants, for being there and for all you do to spread the good word about Black Bears. Thank you all so very much."
Terri - Virginia 2019

"I just completed my fifth black bear field study course and am still in awe each time I attend. I continue to learn more every time about bear behavior as Dr. Lynn Rogers and Lorie explain how misunderstood these animals are. It is wonderful to observe mother and cub interactions, hike to bear dens and look for "bear sign" in the woods, and be able to enjoy staying in the comfortable cabin. The shared knowledge and caring by Dr. Lynn Rogers, Assistant Lorie, and cook JM were much appreciated. The many fond memories and pictures taken of my experience will keep me coming back year after year."
Carol - Florida 2019

"The bear field course with Dr. Rogers has been on my bucket list for years and I finally was able to attend this year. What a life-changing experience! Visiting the beautiful state of Minnesota was a treat in and of itself but spending quality time with the Bear Man and learning first-hand about bears was incredible and something I will never forget. The course was perfectly scheduled, allowing for a relaxing, yet full experience. It was a pleasure to meet others who also wanted to learn about bears and Dr. Rogers’ kindness and patience provided a wonderful learning environment.
After nine years of reading about Shadow’s clan and seeing them on YouTube, my heart nearly exploded when I finally got to meet them. I cannot wait for the day when I return, but until then, my heart is full.
I highly recommend the course for anyone interested and look forward to returning myself!
Many thanks to all the wonderful people who work to spread the truth about black bears and who provide a wonderful way to learn from them."
Emily - Oregon 2019

"You can read a lot about bears, but nothing compares to the experience of encountering and observing bears in their wild, natural habitat; and the Northwoods of Minnesota is such a beautiful place! My wife and I enjoyed our first Field Study Course so much, that we just had to do it again two years later. The second time around, I got to see both familiar bears, and some not seen before. The course has deepened my appreciation of the importance of people learning to coexist with bears and with all the natural world."
Leon - Connecticut 2019

"My life was changed forever in 2004 when I first visited the WRI and met Dr. Lynn Rogers. I watched a PBS special on him and his work with black bears and was fascinated enough to travel from Buffalo NY to the North woods of Minnesota to meet this incredible scientist, and bear biologist and hopefully some bears. I was in for the thrill of my life when I not only viewed black bears close up in the wild but learned what gentle, shy creatures they really are. My previously unfounded fears were eliminated. Fast forward to July of 2019, I returned to the Wildlife Research Center and this time brought my husband, an attorney who never gets much of a break from paperwork and the business world.
He wasn’t sure about it all but agreed to come along. Needless to say, this was life changing for him as well. He talks to everyone about his time learning about black bears, meeting Dr. Rogers and how incredible it was to see the calm demeanor of even Mother’s with cubs. This man most often seen in a suit and traveling back and forth from a courthouse now shows everyone he meets pictures of the bears and talks about all he learned. We ran into another attorney and his wife recently who proceeded to tell me how my husband pulled out his phone during a recess in court and began showing the other attorneys and even the judge the pictures of the bears and talked about what he learned from our trip to Minnesota!
I am forever grateful to Dr. Rogers - a man of great vision, courage, intellect and kindness, who spent most of his life trying to understand and learn more about God ‘s beautiful creation of wildlife and whose goal it is to help educate an ever-increasing population of people living amongst bears, how we can peacefully co-exist.
I highly recommend the Bear Study courses. A once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed!"
Joanne - New York 2019

"I took the course back in 2017. I believe it changed my life. So, I took it again in 2019. This time it not only changed my life, it turned into a spiritual experience. Mukwa."
Michael - California 2019

"More than what I expected. A unique experience. The home style environment and relaxed approach enhanced the learning about the bears. Eating our meals together, like a family, along with listening and talking to Dr. Rogers kept the program fresh and interesting. Glad to have a better understanding of Black Bears. It was a great three days with wonderfully dedicated and knowledgeable people. And had the opportunity to meet interesting participants. I highly recommend the program."
John from CT.

"From the moment I arrived at the WRI and saw my first wild black bears I appreciated the hands- on nature of the Bear Study Course. I learned so much about bear behavior from the decades of experience gained by Dr. Rogers and his research assistants as well as how to identify bear signs in the woods. An exceptional opportunity for close observation of these magnificent creatures."
Julie - United Kingdom 2018

"I go up to bed earlier these days. Not to sleep, but to read. About bears. Everything about bears. See, I took Dr. Lynn Roger’s black bear field course in Ely, Minnesota, this past July 2018 and I haven’t been the same since. What a joy, a thrill, a gift to be around these gentle giants, each with a unique personality. I need to learn more. I need to be among them again! Thanks Doc!"
Bonnie - Pennsylvania 2018

"Saw and fed bears, climbed in 2 dens, and just listened and learned a lot about bears and Dr. Rogers research over the years. The community would spot and know the bears by name, and invite us over to see them. The meals were excellent, too. Didn’t want to leave." 
Joyce - Maryland 2018