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Comments from Recent Participants

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Bear course and loved being in the woods and out on the lake. Being with a group of wonderful people was a great treat too. Dr Rogers dedication and unselfed love for the Bears is inspiring and uplifting.
I now understand better the benefits of diversionary feeding of the Bears, and how it benefits both bears and humans. It was totally mind boggling to look out from the cabin and see 10 or 12 bears. It was such a pleasure to get to be a participant in the Bear Course."
Paulie - Missouri 2022

"When I learned of the Black Bear Field Study Course maybe a decade ago, I put it on my bucket list. I took the course in 2022, one month after retiring. My only regret is that I didn’t grab the opportunity to do it earlier in my life.
The Black Bear Field Study Course is a combination of science, observation, and compassion. For those who are fascinated by and passionate about bears and other wildlife, it is a must-do experience.”
Sego - Washington 2022

"There is nothing like learning from the bears themselves AND from the Bearman Researcher of 50 years! Being able to observe wild black bear behavior, interacting with each other in a natural environment is so rare and amazing. Sharing a common interest with others makes for a delightful once in a lifetime experience. I was enthralled listening to all the stories of individual bear’s many faceted lives. I can’t wait to do it again because every time is different."
Debbie - North Carolina 2022

"I would have to say that to experience these magnificent creatures in nature is a once in a lifetime learning adventure. You’ll come to understand that black bears and human beings can coexist in our ever-expanding world. How could you not want to experience the cuteness of cubs and the exhilaration of male and female black bears. That’s what I would say."
Randy - Wisconsin 2021

"My husband and I so enjoyed the Bear Study Course. It was wonderful to see the bears and so inspiring to listen to Dr. Lynn Rogers. Our time with the bears confirmed our positive beliefs and increased our desire to work towards a better future for these beautiful animals."
Marianna - Georgia 2021

"Hanging out with wild bears is about the best way I can think of to nourish a connection with other beings on our planet. Their world is open to us to watch and learn. They care for their families, occasionally grumble at one another, play in the water, and even share a tray of peanuts from time to time. We are there to watch and learn, and they don’t seem to mind our presence. Our only task going forward is to ensure their right to be."
Neala - Minnesota 2021

"I had the privilege of attending the Black Bear Field Course presented by Dr. Lynn Rogers in July of 2021. It has been a dream of mine for many years as I follow the WRI and NABC sites.

I truly respect Dr. Rogers' desire to study and teach people about the black bear. Listening to him share adventures about the Shadow Clan was remarkable. The bears' interactions, eating habits, and personalities were thrilling to watch in person.

Dr. Rogers and his associates spent many hours with our class revealing to us a wealth of knowledge and experiences as they continue to study the black bears. Thanks to them for a truly memorable black bear experience."
Lynn - Iowa 2021

"It is a transformative experience in a very busy world to sit among bears young and old and learn about their lives. The staff and volunteers share their vast accumulated knowledge and years of stories, and you go home with some new stories of your own. It's one of the best learning and living experiences I've known, and I try to return as often as possible."

Rachel - Oregon 2021

"My Black Bear adventure helped shape my future. As a high school student, I am constantly thinking about what I want to study in college and I love nature. Therefore I wanted to visit.
Dr. Rogers taught me how to take a bear's heart rate, a hands-on experience with " One Eye Jack". Jack also let me stroke his fur and his gentle face. I learned how important the White Pine is to the life of a Black Bear. "Fred" sat beside me for a long time and ate hazel nuts from my hands. I learned that 90% of a bear's diet is plant based. I saw two bear dens. A new cub, with his mom and sibling ate from my hand for the first time. "Wow", just wow!!!! Dr. Rogers has so much knowledge to share. My unique experience has touched me in such a way, I plan on pursuing a degree in Wildlife or Animal Science. Thank you Bears."

Kennedy - Georgia 2021

"I was so happy the whole time I was visiting the bears. It was great to leave the suburbs behind and let the peaceful forest take over. There is just something magical about bears.The strong muscular body, the thick magnificent black fur and the gentle eyes always draw me in and warm my heart. It is so peaceful at the research cabin and filled with kindness. Kindness is everywhere around you from all the people there, the staff and the other participants but mostly from the bears. The bears taught me to let go of the past and move on, to respect one another, to appreciate what you have and never forget how important it is to be kind."
Kristie - Georgia 2021