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Bears, Birds, a Bonanza, and More - UPDATE June 24, 2024

Turkey vulture
 Bald eagleBald eagle  Turkey vultureTurkey vulture  Bald Eagle JuvenileBald eagle juv.

Assistant Bookkeeper ‘Eyes of the Night’ wanted her bookkeeping stint this month to be filled with wildlife. She brought beef fat, ham fat, bologna, and carrots. I don’t know how some of the critters can spot it so soon. An hour after a batch was out, one of the eagles swooped in and grabbed his first helping. He took three helpings like that before sundown. Soon there were three eagles on site, two adults (probably from the nest a mile away) and a juvenile. Also quick to move in were three turkey vultures with the first one landing on a tall tree stump and spreading his or her wings. Another posed by one of the piles of fat and gave us a better look at the featherless head that some say is pretty and some say not.

Herring gull w/meatHerring gull w/meat

A Herring Gull showed the camera how big a bite he could swallow.

Bertha and MateBertha and Mate

Bertha nonchalantly said it was time to mate three days ago, and they did, and we have not seen her partner since. Bertha was playful with another male just now, but I think it is all innocent.

 SnowballSnowball  TwinkieTwinkie

Snowball was on her own for awhile after family breakup but in the last several days has spent a lot of time with one or the other of her brothers Twinkie and Cupcake. That’s Twinkie taking his share of the bonanza and showing his nice white yearling teeth.

Jewels 2 cubsJewel's two cubs

Someone spotted Jewel again and this time got a picture of her two cubs. We don’t know yet whether they are male or female.

Red foxRed fox

A surprise today was the mangy male red fox that we haven’t seen for weeks and wondered if he died from the mange that you can see as lumpy skin on his face, the swollen eyelids that make him squinty, and the resulting lack of hair on his tail. I hope he gets better soon.

GuyGentle Guy

Perhaps most exciting was a picture someone sent of gentle Guy, probably in his mid-20’s that we are glad to hear is back.


The day ended with a pretty sky.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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