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Bears, Bears, Big Birds, and a Big Bonanza - UPDATE June 1, 2024


Bald eagleBald eagle

 Turkey vultureTurkey vulture  Turkey vulture flyingTurkey vulture flying

It was beef fat galore out the window with big birds coming in like the word was spreading through the air. I was surprised to see three eagles, three turkey vultures, lots of crows, and a few ravens taking part. It was exciting to see eagles and vultures circling and landing. Over a dozen crows did their jobs well, finding bite-size pieces and flying off to eat away from the competition. The juvenile eagle of the three was almost hidden where he or she first landed.

Bald eagle juvenilleBald eagle juvenille

Bertha was back with her buddy bear. She is the one looking at the camera with her paw on her buddy.

Bertha w/buddyBertha w/buddy

Snowball was alone resting in a tree as is usual for yearlings newly on their own without their mothers’ protection. Later, she came down when no other bears were around and looked relaxed eating a bit and then lying on the ground looking undisturbed. Glad to see her looking comfortable.


A nice day.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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