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It’s D Day! - UPDATE APRIL 24, 2024

Donna, Lynn and Kate at the Bear Center

It’s Daughter and Donna Day with fishers and foxes and grackles all aglow. Animals gathered for a feast celebrating the arrival of daughter Kate who flew in from Michigan for an afternoon and morning of catching up and seeing what is happening.

Eagle nestEagle nest Eagle on nestEagle on nest

A guest who did not show up for the celebration, though, was the eagle mate I figured was busy incubating. I’d always assumed that, but we thought we’d check. There she was, safe and secure, calmly watching us as we clicked from a distance. We believe she is well fed because her mate is still watching us put food out at the WRI, swooping in for his grab and go, and leaving in the direction of the nest. We’re now looking forward to counting the little heads that will be sticking up from the shoreline nest during the black bear field course pontoon rides this July and August (5 spots remaining).

 New FisherNew Fisher  Fisher maleFisher male  Woodchuck w/broccoliWoodchuck

Among the visitors at the WRI were the male fisher with the big white chest, and what might be another male with less white. As part of the celebration feast, the woodchuck got an extra big piece of broccoli, while Spanky and this juvenile male got their usual piles of sunflower seed hearts and peanut hearts. A happy chipmunk showed he got his share by pausing for a click of his or her full cheeks.

 Juvenile male bearJuvenile male bear  Eastern ChipmunkEastern Chipmunk

On our way to check on the eagle, we saw what, for me, was the first snapping turtle on land this year. He was resting in a good sunny spot and stayed there for a quick click with the long lens.

 Grackle male puffed up  Grackle males puffed up  Snapping Turtle
Grackle males puffed up Snapping Turtle

Kate was getting good looks at some of the critters of her early years here and we all had a good time at the Bear Center and dinner out, with more about to happen today.

Thank you for being here with us, Kate, and thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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