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Spring has Sprung and Bears are Busting Out All Over! - UPDATE April 18, 2024

Carolyn the Bear and cubbies

Bears are being caught on trail cameras here and there, including here, but I haven’t seen any bear in person yet. Guesses are that that bear on camera here is Adam, son of Vanna, grandson of Dot, great great grandson of Blackheart, and great great great grandson of Shadow. He is yet to be fully confirmed as Adam, though.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

But the most exciting sighting is 7-year-old Carolyn and her three extra small, extra cute cubs—a male, a female, and one unknown yet—showing up the earliest we can remember for a mother with cubs. It’s Carolyn’s third litter. Carolyn is a daughter of Donna (now 24) and is a granddaughter of Blackheart and the great granddaughter of Shadow.

Excitement is flowing as the bear season begins.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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