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World Bear Day, Our National Bird, and More - UPDATE March 23, 2024

Bald eagle looking up at mate

World Bear Day respects the mission for bears that so many of the people who follow these updates carry. The purpose of the day is to bring attention to the eight species of bears that have long been misunderstood and promote respect and coexistence with these sentient beings that contribute so much to our ecosystems by dispersing viable seeds of their favorite foods throughout their ranges. I know I’m not saying anything you all don’t already know. It is a day like this that makes me thankful for all who share hearts for bears by being part of this communication.

 Bald eagleBald eagle taking meat  Bald eagle wiping billEagle wiping bill

Today, with bears not up and about in this area yet, it was our national bird that stirred excitement with its presence. My wife Donna came to the WRI to see the eagle that several times daily swoops in to grab and go with a piece of meat—mainly ham fat. After waiting an hour to catch the action, the eagle swooped by while we were not looking, but she got to see it flying straight away with a treat in its talons. She had to go. Minutes later, the big action started with swoop after swoop. I was ready for its last swoop but missed the big action by a fraction of a second. The eagle flew into view, I clicked but was a hundredth of a second slow and caught it headed away with its talons full. In the foreground of the picture you can see the extravaganza of eagle food with a helping of it in tow. It landed nearby, ate the food, wiped its bill (photo) and looked up (photo) at what I think is his mate flying over. The show ended with the swooping eagle joining that eagle and flying wing by wing off over the horizon.

Fisher w/appleFisher w/apple

Another highlight was the fisher coming in good light and taking a piece of apple put out to see if he’d take it. I like the photo of the apple in his mouth. The fisher was maybe four feet away ignoring the camera clicking in the full length door window.

Common redpoll juvCommon redpoll juvenille

Yesterday, a first-year common redpoll showed me the patch on its head that is red by its second year, but in their first year redpolls go golden as this one posed to show.

Thank you for all you do—especially for bears on this World Bear Day.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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