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Today was Not Like Yesterday - UPDATE February 11, 2024


Fisher male eatingFisher male eating

This morning, instead of food being frozen tight and unavailable, the big male fisher and a mink arrived soon after I put it out and took full advantage of it. First came the fisher, posing nicely on the railing so we could see his nice chest blaze. I clicked, and he continued on to where fresh food was waiting on top of yesterday’s frozen food. He got his mouth around all the fresh food and went head-first (unlike a bear) down the tree to do whatever he does with his finds. I suspect he ate some and hid some. Then he was back for a surprise task. He managed to peel the frozen piece from yesterday off his feeding spot, take it down the tree, and call his trip a success.


Minutes later, a mink appeared and also posed nicely before carrying piece after piece of meat away. All the action pictures turned blurry, but I thank him for providing the nicest mink face I think has ever come out of my camera. He might have been thanking me for the bonanza of meat I’d laid out for him. I can’t really read his mind, but he did look right at me and hold still.

Thank you, mink and fisher, and thank you all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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