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Confusion Yesterday, Good Day with Donna Today - UPDATE February 5, 2024

Wolf 1

Wolves 2 & 3Wolves 2 & 3

I hate to admit that I’m still confused about the wolf or coyote. Yesterday morning, I heard three wolves howling in the distance. An hour later, the wolf or coyote came from the direction of the howling and stood still for a picture about a tenth of a mile away by the far shore of the lake here. It then went on toward the beaver lodge and disappeared into the woods next to it. Then two more animals that looked a lot like him or her followed the same trail with one of them climbing up on the beaver lodge until the other one caught up, and they both followed the first one’s trail into the woods. Coyotes are usually spotted alone, wolves in groups, but there can be exceptions. Now in limbo, I’m waiting for more sightings here or by neighbors. I have not heard coyotes yipping here where wolves are known to be. I’m leaning toward them all being wolves. And now we all have these pictures to form our opinions about.

Pine SiskinPine Siskin

Red foxRed fox Fisher maleFisher male

Today, I got up at 3:20 AM, wanting to come to the WRI to put out food for the animals and get some thoughts written before church at 9:30 and a 1 PM concert I’d promised Donna. Excitement started at 5:35 AM with the male fisher coming out of the darkness for a picture just outside the window by my desk. A male pine siskin visited the same spot at 7:20 AM when it was just getting light. Soon it was time for the nice day that Donna and I had planned. The Monroe Crossing concert was fast moving blue grass with good voices and such catchy rhythms that they had the crowd moving to the music with every piece. I’m very glad we went. Back at the office the fox paid a visit with his nice eyes that make me do what he expects. His visit put a cap on a good day for both him and me.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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