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A Surprise, a Sad Loss, and an Optimistic Future - UPDATE January 27, 2024

Male fisher

The sudden surprise this morning as I was buried in writing was a dark motion and the male fisher’s face in the window. Click, click. The two pictures were seconds apart with very different looks.

Male fisherMale fisher

However, the big thing on my mind is the chat room (pond chat) coming to an end—at least for now. I can’t help thinking of how good it’s been over the years and how many exciting video’s appeared in it that I snatched for updates.

But thinking optimistically, if we get back into den cams and radio collars with 17-year-old Lily and 15-year-old Jewel and their cubs and all the excitement and learning that could follow, we’ll be into bears year-round with all the friendships and chats that go with that. Working on it and crossing my fingers. There will be a farewell gathering on the pond chat tomorrow (Sunday) from 1 to 3 PM CT when you can share some of your favorite learnings and experiences gained from it over the years.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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