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Jani, Cubs, and Birds Being Chased - UPDATE September 18, 2023

Jaci, Jethro, and Jani

A quick favorite after twelve years of not seeing or recognizing her is Jani, Braveheart’s daughter of 2011. When we first saw her here 2-3 weeks ago, she remembered the program and readily accepted food from Lorie’s hand. Her two small cubs, Jaci (female) and Jethro (male) also have trusting personalities. A couple days ago, they posed for a family ID picture with Jaci on the left, Jethro in the middle, and Jani to the right at the base of the cubs’ favorite white pine with their food pile at the base. It’s a food pile that disappears fast with the help of a dozen mallards that fly in or follow their duck path up from the lake a couple times a day. Also sharing the food is a flock of a couple hundred common grackles that immediately leave if the two juvenile sharp-shinned hawks are seen. In that case, the sharp-shins turn to blue jays that take refuge in the dense branches of a dead balsam fir tree that I’ve let stand for that purpose some 25 years. With the hundreds of chases by sharp-shinned hawks I’ve seen during their spring and fall migrations, I can’t remember seeing a single capture.


As I wrote that last sentence, the sharp-shins arrived, and eight blue jays flew into the dead balsam.

 Sharp shinned hawkSharp-shinned hawk  Sharp-shinned hawkSharp-shinned hawk dives  Blue jay taking coverBlue jay takes cover

It was a good day with no sharp rifle shots, only a couple shotgun blasts with ruffed grouse season now open.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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