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Long Lost Jani is Back and a Splashing Good Time - UPDATE September 12, 2023

Jani with cub

We have not seen, or possibly not recognized, 12-year-old Jani here since she was a cub with Braveheart in 2011. That’s when Lorie Kennedy took her first Bear Course and took the picture by which we identified Jani a couple days ago. We suspect she doesn’t live near here because of the probable lack of visits and her two cubs (female and unknown) are the smallest of all the cubs here at this time. In addition to matching her cub picture, she acts like her mother Braveheart who had a habit of cruising the area to run off other bears as her cubs fed peacefully alone. Jani is a cruiser, too.

This sighting makes a record 16 litters for clan bears this year, and we are still keeping our eyes peeled for Chloe and hoping to identify a mother that is so shy she is probably not a clan bear. The 16 mothers are now: RC (24), Donna (23), Summer (14), Jani (12), Daisy (12), Sadie (9), Lucy (7), Luna (7), Sallyann (5), JM (5), Olive (4), Kaiya (4), Arly (4), Libby (4), Andrea (3), and Ivy (3).

We changed the name of RC’s cub Rocky to River. Rocky was too much like Rockie to keep.

At the Bear Center, "Pooch Pal" caught Tasha doing what she likes to do—have a good time splashing. It is heart-warming to see her safe and so carefree in this 3 ½ minute video

Still no shots heard here.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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