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Great Group, Great Bears, Great Times - UPDATE August 9, 2023


Everyone is having a great time, thanks to the bears, the weather, and more.AndreaAndrea

A highlight this morning was a call that 3-year-old Andrea had again appeared with her three cubs. Amidst the excitement, she was good to pose for an ID picture that shows the light fur patches on her forehead. That was great because group member Catherine Davison had just gotten a picture of her daughter Snowball who has a similar face but more extreme with the light fur of her face extending far up her forehead with dark fur around her eyes. Being a female, Snowball is likely to stay in this area as part of Shadow’s Clan for her entire life and will be among the easiest bears to recognize at a glance.

But then there was the highlight with the eagles yesterday. We pontooned to within viewing distance of the bald eagle nest to learn the latest. To our big surprise both eaglets were there. We had feared the worst for one of them earlier. Then, neither one was seen a week ago. This time one was in the nest and the other was barely visible hidden in a cedar tree on shore beneath the big white pine that holds the huge nest. It calmly watched as we drifted to a spot that gave a partial view of him or her. All was well. The parents were still tending to them. One of them flew by for a picture by Catherine Davison that put a cap on the good experience.

 EagletEaglet  EagletEaglet

Bald Eagle by C. DavidsonBald Eagle by C. Davidson

Catherine also got a nice look at the gentle face of 5-year-old Andrew, son of Vanna. She also caught an unusually colorful sunset over Shagawa Lake, colored by a forest just 15 miles away. Lorie Kennedy caught a placid moment when first-timers Susanne Derby and Abby Edwards canoed up to the beaver lodge to look and listen.

Andrew by C. DavidsonAndrew by C. Davidson

Overall, it was a joy to be among excited participants and hearing happy voices as they met bears, had herring gulls catch tossed bologna, and saw other wildlife. A highlight for one was having an ovenbird that had hit a window recover in her hand and fly away okay.

Shagawa by C. DavidsonShagawa by C. Davidson

 Loon by C. DavidsonLoon by C. Davidson  Susanne w/AbbySusanne w/Abby

The class ends tomorrow at noon with the unexpected experience of everyone being filmed for an upcoming TV program. Lots happening.

Thank you to all for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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