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Mothers, Cubs, and More - UPDATE August 6, 2023


Reports and photos are coming in from feeding stations several miles away where they are seeing three mothers with cubs, a bear with a wolf, and a couple males. Reports of mothers include:

Donna and cubDonna and cub

  1. 23-year-old Donna, her two male cubs, and a shy third that is very likely a female. The picture shows Donna following the shy cub down a forest trail.
  2. 3-year-old Andrea and her two male cubs Twinkie and Cupcake plus female Snowball.
  3. 5-year-old Sallyann is with her second litter that began with 3 cubs and is now down to two. Her previous litter was when she was three in 2021.
 Wolf and BearWolf and Bear  SpankySpanky

Brown-colored Goldie looks especially gold lit by the rising sun at 6:29 AM.

Nice Guy gave a good look at his face a couple days ago, showing how he looks now in his mid 20’s.

It was nice to get a picture of Jewel showing how she looks now at fourteen.

Also, I liked the pensive picture of Spanky.

 GoldieGoldie  GuyGuy

Looking forward to the Black Bear Field Study Course that is starting tomorrow with people from as far away as England and New Zealand. Always exciting.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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