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Jewel and Yearlings Accounted For - UPDATE May 16, 2023


Lily and her three yearlings and now Jewel and her three yearlings are both accounted for. Jewel w yearlingJewel w/yearlingAs you know, these are the two den cam mothers of 2010-2013. I heard the excitement in the couple’s voices when they called to let me know about Jewel and say they were sending pictures. Super. Seeing the pictures, I wouldn’t have guessed Jewel right off as big as she looks. They said the yearlings were hungry. They got a picture of her with one of them—but it could be Maverick, Goose, or Iceman from what I can see. Feels good to get the word.

Then, just to celebrate that the hummingbirds are back, I snapped one of a male that shows his iridescent green back but never an angle to have the sun catch what can be a brilliant red throat. He reminded me of another bird that can be either black or beautiful depending on the angle of the sun—this grackle from a couple days ago.

 Ruby-throated hummingbirdRuby-throated hummingbird  GrackleGrackle

Right now, a shy yearling male with no identifying marks is outside the window. He’s been here off and on all day, making me wonder if it could be family breakup already. Then, a larger bear joined him and they were so comfortable together that it has to be his mother. Still trying to identify her from the partial look at her chest patch. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who at first look—especially with shy bears that we don’t know as well.

Things are happening faster and faster.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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