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Adam and More - UPDATE May 11, 2023

Wood duck male

On this sunny day in the 80’s, Donna came to the WRI and snapped this nice picture of 5-year-old Adam who stole her AdamAdamheart and made our day. He’s the brother of Andrew of a couple days ago and was an extra nice bear to have around for awhile as he ate some peanuts, ate grass for awhile, and went off into the woods. He is a good regular who will steal the hearts of course participants this summer.White-tailed deerWhite-tailed deer

Deer are eating a few peanuts yet but they have turned big time to grass that is really coming up with the summer-like weather.

A sight was a trumpeter swan gliding in, gently turning and landing on Woods Lake out of sight behind some trees. An hour later I got my first look at a swan grooming on the beaver lodge across the lake.

A wood duck standing in the sun showed its colors as brilliant as I’ve ever seen, making me think again that this is North America’s prettiest duck.

Herring gullHerring gull

Gulls who know the program here, or maybe I should say their programs here because each is different, give me breaks from typing as they ask for bologna, each in their own way. I don’t want to disappoint them, so I always get up and do what the particular gull wants. Trumpeter Swan on beaver lodgeTrumpeter Swan
on beaver lodge
For one, I walk over and place a quarter slice a couple feet from it and it walks over for it and another piece or two. Another stands facing me ready to catch, which it does as fast as I can throw quarter slices to him from 3-4 feet away and be surprised at his agility in catching them high low or to each side. Another flies away when I throw it but circles around and back to grab it. He or she is one who pecks on the window to tell me to come out and then surprises me by going through its flying routine. It is that one returning that is in the picture. I used to feed them by hand but they missed too often and have too strong a bite to take any nips on a finger.

After a night of bears on video, Adam was the only visitor all day. But just as I’m writing this, nice 8-year-old Stratton stopped by.

Thank you for all you do,
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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