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The Fox and Bob Cat Show- UPDATE March 10, 2023

Bobcat on 1-6-23

Bobcat looking at gray foxBobcat looking at gray fox

Two nights ago from 9:06 PM until 3:31 AM, the camera team monitored alternate visits by the Gray Fox and Bob the Cat. The two were probably aware of each other more than we could see, but we know that Bob Cat spotted him at 9:41 PM as he emerged from under the deck and moved away. After that, it was all Bob Cat until 11:57 PM, including when he walked up the steps at 10:35 PM and showed us something we don’t understand. BobcatBobcatAs he stopped to look toward where he had seen the fox earlier, he showed the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I had never seen any blue in his eyes. I looked up this close-up picture of him January 6 to be sure. No blue. Another mystery. After 12:32 AM, it was all fox until he left at 3:31 AM

Then last night, a third character put in a brief appearance from 2:37 to 2:48 AM—beautiful red fox that used to limp.

So now for tonight, to make sure there is enough for both foxes in addition to Bob Cat, the bonanza will be raw pork cubes, raw chicken drumsticks, quarter slices of bologna, and, for the foxes, blueberry mini-muffins they have shown us they like. All the food is gone each morning. We’ll see if the red fox comes again and if any of the mini-muffins are left over.

Thank you for all you do.
Lynn Rogers, Biologist, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

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